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About Kamel Petro Tech Chemical Company

Kamel Petro Tech Chemical company, a world leading chemical manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in producing high quality chemicals & auxiliaries in Oil & Gas extraction,Petrochemical, Textile and washing & cleaning industries. We are renowned for quality of services and customer satisfaction.
KAMEL PETRO TECH is the official manufacturer of drilling fluid additives, textile auxiliaries,cleaning products and surfactants, also importer and distributer of row material in Iran.The company’s world class operations show evidence and effectiveness of safety in the industry.
Our main office is located in Tehran and our plant is in Qamsar industrial zone. The factory’s main parts are a state of art laboratory and blending (solid/liquid), synthesis, packing, filling sites with 500MT production capacity on monthly basis.
We have a well equipped laboratory attached to our production facility for all R&D activities,quality and production control as well as compliance requirements. Presence of highly skilled staff and scientists is invaluable asset guaranty quality of our products.


We offer a broad portfolio of specialty chemicals designed to support and enhance the drilling process. The focus is on high performance, temperature stable and contamination tolerant products for drilling fluid systems.The company manufactures a wide range of liquid detergents with great economy at great cleaning, safe on hands, superior grease removal, anti-bacterial action and kind on skin.Besides, many formulated textile auxiliaries are produced to provide process ability of fibers and webs as well as desired quality of the final textile goods.


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